Tumbling After


The chilling tale of a man's descent into a shadowy world of amateur video, blackmail, murder, and, ultimately, the depths of his own mind.

"Tense Thriller Territory...Really Cranks It Up A Notch." - Cool Shite On the Tube

"Intense Erotic Thriller...Like Having Basic Instinct Directed by Ed Wood." -  Film Snobbery

"Original Story...Interesting Characters...And Even A Few Good Twists."  - Fellowship
of Fools

Jack fell down and broke his crown, and then began the slaughter
Starring a wonderful cast including Mark Swenson as Jack and Kim Rowe and Jill, Richard Augustine, Madeleine Falk, Steve Kramer, Kendra Sue Waldman, Casey Nelson, Eva Mah, Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt, Boris Kievsky, Natasha Nicholson and Cytherea; the film was shot in 2 weeks (July 5-July18 2005) during the summer.

The film was produced and written by Lowenthal & Platt.

It tells the story of Jack & Jill Bosch, a couple facing a rift in their marriage. After Jack suffers a breakdown and is forced to take a leave of absence from his job, he takes a vacation with his wife, leaving his home in the hands of two house-sitters. When they return, everything seems to be in order, but with Jack's discovery of a mysterious videotape, he soon finds that underneath the pristine exterior of the world he knows lies a murky realm of sex, murder and deception, leaving Jack questioning whom he can really trust.

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Winner of an Award of Merit from the 2009 Accolade Film festival.


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