Monkey Kingdom Productions is pleased to announce the opening of Monkey Kingdom Studios, a fully working production studio located in downtown Los Angeles. We have a 1000+ sq. foot loft in a historic building, complete with high ceilings, fully equipped bathroom and kitchen as well as green screen, lighting grid, expendables, and production equipment.

Monkey Kingdom Production Studios is a fully working location for rental as well as for MKP productions, and Monkey Kingdom Studios is the main production offices of Monkey Kingdom Productions, US.

With a combined professional career of over 30 years in the acting world and entertainment business, we have amassed a formidable network of talented individuals from whom we feel we can draw to fulfill almost any project's casting needs.

We have always been dedicated to bringing creative and talented people together and making exciting new connections, and have recently been working to create casting opportunities specifically for projects requiring voice-over talent.

We are currently coordinating with several producing partners to bring acting talent and writing/directing and producing talent together to create positive productions in animation, film and voice-over.

If you would like to contact us regarding location rental or casting needs you may have, please email with the subject line MKS RENTAL. Actors/writers please note: This is not an email address for casting or script submissions.