Topsy McGee vs. The Sky Pirates


A steam-punk adventure with our fearless heroine Topsy McGee at the helm. Shot in a period silent-film style this endeavor is based on an idea by Tara Platt and written by Platt and partner Yuri Lowenthal, directed by Travis Stevens and produced by Monkey Kingdom Productions.

Featuring Tara Platt, Yuri Lowenthal, John deLancie, Maggie MacDonald, Nick Benseman and a slew of exciting other cast members; anyone who is a fan of steam-punk, adventure, heroines, sky pirates, alternate Victorian era or fun is sure to enjoy this film. The short is currently in post-production, with the hopes of a summer release.

Stay tuned for more thrilling information on the fantastical adventures of Topsy! Extra! Extra! The Graphic Novel is coming soon for even more great excitement! Set Sail for Adventure!!


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