Shelf Life


An irreverent single-camera live action comedy web-series about 4 action figures on a young boy's shelf. Based on an idea by Tara Platt, Season One directed by Paul Jenkins, written by Yuri Lowenthal and Paul Jenkins and produced by Monkey Kingdom Productions and Ultimatum Entertainment; Season Two & Three directed by Steven Calcote, written by Yuri Lowenthal. Season Four directed by Steven Calcote and Travis Stevens in association with Butcher Bird Studios, Ultimatum, PCB Productions, and Dracogen.

The four seasons of this hilarious award-winning series features Travis Willingham as Hero Man, Tara Platt as Hero Lass, Yuri Lowenthal as Bug Boy, Bryan Enk as Samurai Snake and Phil Morris as Black Velvet. Anyone who is a fan of comics, action figures, comedy and irreverent humor is in for a treat!

Follow Shelf Life on Facebook, or read about the antics on twitter: ShelfLifeSeries. Seasons One-Four airing now on ShelfLifeTHESeries Channel as well as Machinima and MingleTV Networks. And the Season 1-3 and Season 4 (with Bonus Content) DVDS are now available....   



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